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Miss Moneypenny helps you harness expand the unique features of Apple and Google Wallet cards to drive engagement, provide inspiring service and build loyalty.

Our solutions and automations empower you to seamlessly scale your efforts with the greatest possible individualization, revolutionizing the way you connect with your customers.

But what about the basics of Wallet Technology? Read ahead to learn more.

A beginner's guide to wallet technology

Wallet technology is an innovative way to store digital cards on your Android or iOS device. It's designed for a wide range of use cases and is already integrated into the native operating systems of these devices, meaning you don't need to download an additional app.

Digital cards are recognized and automatically stored in the pre-installed apps Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, making it easy for users to access and manage them.


Reduction of 2nd calls in the service. Customers informed by token passes are low-maintanance and more satisfied. This saves you costs and increases positive feedback.


of users remain active. engaged and in the conversion funnel within the framework of lead generation after 6 months with continuous information supply: No wearout effect.


Users over 50 rate our digital insurance cards as excellent.80% would recommend them to others and only 4% give negative feedback.

Compliant and meaningful sharing

The native sharing functionalities of Wallet apps are great, but a simple "give me what you have" does not meet the need of many business use cases. Our built-in processes make sure recipients of shared information get what they need on a secure and compliant basis.

Discover the top features of Apple and Google Wallets

With standardized use cases like membership cards, coupons, and event tickets, Apple and Google Wallets offer more than just a place to store your payment information. Check out our list of top features to learn how to maximize your digital wallet projects.

Apple Wallet push notifications

Native to Apple Wallet they are currently not available for Google... well unless you work with us that is 😜

Location-based notifications

You can add 10 locations to your pass that can trigger a notification when the device is near them.

Customizable appearance

Wallet Passes have a number of layout restrictions but are inherently white label.

Dynamic updating

With an API you can let the wallet card display changes in your core system.

Share cards with friends or family

Sharing functions are native but in most cases not GDPR compliant. Something we can fix for you.

Multiple language support

A wallet pass displays the language according to the device setup.

Add passes via a URL link

Distribution leaves many options: offlinle QR-Code, Email, SMS, Website link, Airdrop - ask us about options!

Active links

In wallet passes you can place active links, phone numbers, email addresses so your users get there with just one click.

Don't settle for basic: upgrade to our game-changing software.

Your tech team looked and said it’s no rocket science? They are not wrong: setting up a basic pass with Apple or Google Developers Accounts is easy, but our optimized software is necessary to take it one big step further and revolutionize the digital card experience by maximizing the technology's potential and enabling scalable use within corporate structures.

Discover the hidden possibilities of Apple and Google Wallets

Simply implementing digital cards is not enough to achieve real results with wallet technology. Our software suite provides everything your company needs to go above and beyond with your wallet projects, from advanced automation tools to expert support and guidance. Let us help you drive real results, impress your users and make a real impact for your business.

Trackable legal consent

Push Notifications on Google Wallet

Enhancing Web Interfaces

Case Management

Engaging campaigns

Individual user experiences

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