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Unconventional Impact: Our Use Cases and Case Studies with Industry Leaders

Be inspired by our bold success stories. Discover how we've worked with top companies to implement innovative solutions and achieve real results.

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Telefonica O2: Digital business cards

Do you want to be able to respond to and control the demand and utilization of your service channels? Then the digital business card is perfect for this.


Service card

R+V car insurance card

Together with our partner R+V Versicherung AG, we are implementing a smart wallet pass in the automotive sector that displays insurance data and automatically creates contact points depending on user interests. Insurance becomes a visible, emotionally tangible partner in every life situation.


Policy card

Digital security for timeless treasures: Vintage insurance cards

The digital insurance card for classic car insurance, issued by the OCC, protects what is most valuable to policyholders - their beloved classic cars.


Insurance card

Digital business cards for agents

Digital business cards for agents - a reliable and smart connection


Business card

The digital pet health card

Customers of Helvetia Germany who take out pet health insurance online benefit from the digital pet health card. The practical wallet card enables pet owners to access all their pet's important data and insurance information on their smartphone at any time and from anywhere, so they can act quickly in an emergency.


Insurance card

The BKV insurance card. Added value for insured persons and employers

The digital BKV insurance card strengthens the bond between employer and employee by facilitating access to benefits and providing preventive content.


Insurance card

The Audi emergency service card

Callbacks from unsettled customers cost Audi emergency service employees an average of 14 minutes per operation.


Service card

Agency sales in the digital age

Personal contact with the local agency remains the most important sales channel in the insurance industry. Online packaging faces a considerable hurdle here: The regional assignment of a lead alone requires personal information that hardly any prospective customer provides voluntarily at the first click.


digital Flyer

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